Friday, July 19, 2013

Sonnet James

...Sonnet James...
play dresses for mom's [and women]

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Thanks for browsing, seriously how gorgeous is my cousin modeling in these? Yeah, that's what I thought, you can get one too and look amazing as well. Go fund Sonnet James, like now! 

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Monday, July 1, 2013

Stanford CA

.Standford. California. 
...Fear the tree...

So a few weeks ago, Richie and I set off on a fun adventure to go to California (we rode the front runner/trax to the SLC airport. We definitely qualify as city slickers now I think) and babysit my cousin Jen's two little girls Lili and Serelle while her husband Kylan gave her a surprise birthday weekend get away to New York. Is that the coolest birthday present or what?! Kylan has been out at Stanford University getting his MBA and actually just recently graduated. Anyway, if any of you haven't had the chance to go to the Palo Alto/ Stanford area, I highly recommend that you experience it at some point in your life. Richie and I were able to go visit them twice in the two years they were out there and we fell in love with it and never wanted to come home. It is literally the best place on the mainland United States. 

Oh! By the way, Stanford's motto/slogan thing is "fear the tree" and I think it is funny so that is why I put it on this post. Pretty funny. Anyway while we were there, the weather was soooooo incredibly hot.  So we tried to think of fun pass times that would help us cool off a bit. 

DAY 1 of babysitting:
The day started off with Richie, the girls and me dropping off Jen and Kylan at the San Franisco airport and then we headed into the city because Richie had a meeting with a company out in San Francisco.  Once there we drove around for probably about 45 minutes trying to find a spot and eventually after much searching and some high stress about Richie missing the meeting, we finally were able to park. While Richie headed to his meeting at Razer Fish, the girls and I headed to Pier 39 to look around and go on the marry-go-round, however I do not have any pictures of this experience because right as we were about to step onto the marry go round, Richie called and said he was done. So we hurried and rushed back to the car so that we wouldn't have to pay an arm and a leg for parking any longer than we needed to. Then we headed back into Palo Alto and of course went straight to Trader Joes. I am so glad there is one in Salt Lake now, but we need to get one down here in Utah County!!

The girls looooove Richie. So cute!

Day 2 of babysitting: 
This was definitely the hottest day while we were out there I think. In fact it was so hot that we decided to drive an hour South down to Santa Cruz beach. Let me tell you, it was well worth the drive. The girls had so much fun playing in the sand and jumping over the waves. Of course, I didn't get pictures of that either..... I guess I need to step it up on documenting things. Oops. I do however have pictures of the Palo Alto farmers market that we went to before the beach.  We got the best nectarines in the whole world and added it to our picnic basket for the beach.

 These were the biggest green beans I have ever seen. They looked delicious!
Once again, the girls love him.

After the beach we promised Lili and Serelle that we would let them pick where we went to dinner.  They picked this little Pizza place on main street (I think was main street) called Pizza My Heart and I think they were pretty excited because the pizza slices were pretty much the size of their head! They ate all of it. Money well spent.

Then we hung around outside, walked around and looked at some shops and the girls even entertained us with their fantastic dance moves at this little outdoor concert. It was such a fun day!

Day 3 of babysitting:
We went and picked Jen and Kylan up at the airport and then we all headed into the city and went to this hole in the wall best Mexican restaurant ever. They had the most incredible drinks ever. Kylan said they literally just put cantaloupe or strawberries or whatever fruit they want and smash it all together and then that is the drink. Needless to say, it was delicious.  After that we hung out at the park for a bit and then Richie and I headed to the airport Utah bound. It was a fun trip! We sure are glad that the Lundeen family is finally back in Utah! 

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