Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Fall 2013... Slowly Catching Up.

...Fall 2013...

As I said before, this past fall semester was way to intense for me.  18 credits is something that was way to stressful for me. I don't know how some people do that or more every semester. IT WAS THE MOST STRESSFUL 4 MONTHS OF MY LIFE.  Okay, so maybe all of it wasn't so bad. My brother Cline was doing a semester at BYU with me before his mission so it was really fun to take a class with him, and I got to do this incredible internship at an interior design/furniture store called The Gatehouse. I died almost everyday when I saw all of the amazing displays and home furnishings. Some day I will have a house and be able to buy stuff from there! Also these pictures are semi out of order, so brace yourselves. 

^^^Fall semester started. Sending my boy off on his first day of fall semester. 

^^^My little brother Cline got his mission call to SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA. Those that don't know, we are 1/4 Korean and still have lots and lots of family out there, so we were all so sososososososos excited about his call! It is perfect for him because.... well..... WE HEART ASIANS. 

^^^Cruzie liked to go to the high school football games! 

^^^Cruzie at his first BYU game!

^^^Cruz with my mom at gardner village! Such a fun day!

^^^I definitely chopped my hair off and I definitely and doing a weird duck face (ugh. the worst) and I definitely loved it for the first little while... now I want my hair to grow back fast! 

^^^My favorite chair from my internship at The Gatehouse. I may or may not have sat in it a couple times each time that I was there working.... It is hands down the most comfortable and cute chair ever!!

^^^Picture of my dad because he was the cutest little kid and had a birthday in October. 

^^^So I realize I look a little weird in this, but I think my outfit is pretty awesome and the colors I enjoy them a lot... hahah I am weird. I know. 

^^^apparently Cruz is pretty much all that I took pictures of this fall. Oh well, at least he is cute to look at!

^^^Cline and I did a project turning our sister Carly into Cleopatra and him into Marc Anthony. It was quite the production! 

^^^Cruzie at gardner village. He LOVED the witches!! I am obsessed with him. 

^^^My dad may or may not have been on the news for a second shown being angry with some bad calls at a BYU game. Die hard cougar fans over here guys. 

^^^Richie got the opportunity to go to Nashville to do a video shoot for a shark tank update on the company Kisstixx. He LOVED Nashville and he was pleasantly surprised by how charming that city was. 

^^^This is what happens when you get home from school at 7:00 pm Halloween night and decide last minute to dress up. Haha we look so weird. But we had fun passing out candy to all the kids at my parents house. 

^^^My mom's family had a murder mystery dinner this fall and we tried to get into character for this picture. I would definitely say mine was an epic fail but Richie looks fantastic! 

^^^Just a cool picture of Richie in Salt Lake!

Happy late fall!!

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