Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Winter! Almost caught up!

...Christmas/Some Winter...

So this winter was really fun! Since I was doing an internship at Gatehouse, I was able to get some pointers and watch how they designers decorate the tree's and make them look so incredible! I tried my best to incorporate what I had learned from them into decorating my own tree, I still have a ways to go but hey, we were happy with how it turned out! 

^^^Christmas Eve with all of my cousins and their families, my family and of course baby Cruzie. I have the cutest nephew and trying to get a picture of kids all looking at the camera is hilariously impossible I think. 

^^^We got to skype with Elder Cruser in Tonga

^^^Christmas night, pretty excited about our Christmas! It was awesome...

^^^Going to SLC to meet up with our friends Chelsea and Elliot to go to temple square. 

^^^Chelsea found these Mentos on their honeymoon and got them for me because they are my favorite kind ever (I discovered them in France when we went) but I have not been able to find them anywhere in the U.S. needless to say, I was in heaven. Strawberry lime Mentos are the best things invented. Ever. 

^^^Picture that Richie took at the Ice Castles in Midway. Those were incredible. We had a lot of fun wandering about the castles 
with all of my family.

^^^Somebody turned 25!!! Yay Richie! 

Anyway, I was going to post pictures of our Christmas tree but apparently I can't find the pictures. I will have to post them someday to document. Maybe a #TBT to Christmas post sometime in the future. 

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