Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Farewell Elder Mattingly

-Farewell Elder Mattingly-

My little brother Cline got his mission call in I think it was september to Seoul, South Korea. Which is where my grandma is from. Yes, I am in fact 1/4 Korean although you have probably never seen a whiter person in your life. Anyway, that's beside the point. So Cline got his mission call and he left January 15th.  He is the only boy in the little Mattingly sibling group and we definitely had a hard time letting our little Cliney boy leave us for two years to a foreign country, but we also were so excited for him! He has been in Korea since March and he is loving it! He is doing well with the language and absolutely loves the people.  My dad has a half sister that is actually full Korean and Buddhist and Cline was able meet up with her and her family a couple of weeks ago. What a cool experience! 

Richie put together a video of us dropping off Elder Mattingly and it is my nephew Cruz's favorite thing to watch! 

We love you Elder Mattingly and are so proud of you.  We love hearing from you every week and we miss you! 

You can find Cline's mission site here if you want to read all about his adventures and teaching in Korea. 

Here is the Video Richie made of us sending Cline off. Incase the video doesn't work, here is the youtube link. 

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