Tuesday, July 15, 2014


Richie and I made a trip to Disney Land. 

Richie loved    LOVED the toy story ride in California Adventures. Maybe a little too much? We rode it about 5 times and we were only there 2 days... 

Just a picture of my sister Whitney and her little babe Cruzie Woozie.  She has the most beautiful hair. I am so jealous. It seriously looks like a movie stars hair when she does these loose curls. so pretty. 

In March Richie filmed his cousins wedding where he was: a family member, a groomsmen as well as the videographer.  That was a little crazy! haha it was a fun wedding and we love Parker and Nichole! Yay for marriage! 

Cruzie getting comfortable while we go run errands. Neck pillow, cozie, water bottle, and apparently something to eat in his left hand. All set. 

Someone turned 25 in February!!!!! We took this picture on his birthday and I am pretty sure my next door neighbors thought we were some teenage hoodlums causing trouble in the street because we were trying to get creative with pictures and lighting a ton of sparklers. Actually come to think of it, maybe they saw that it was us. Anyway, Happy birthday lovie. I love ya so much!!!!!

This little buggy turned one in march!!! I can't believe he is getting so old. He is the cutest little boy and I am so happy he is my nephew. I am totally obsessed with my little Cruz Ricky Thomas. He is the cutest. #cruzrthomas. 

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